Our Areas of Expertise

Tell A Buddy - Online Counselling & Life Management is a convenient, life management, and self-improvement app which provides you with the easiest way to talk to a therapist online. This is a platform which provides you with various online support services such as mental wellness with the use of an application you can access online and or on your phone — a cheaper and more confidential alternative to hiring more counsellors. 

Career Counselling

Embarking on the right career path is vital for your future, therefore without proper career guidance you are most likely to make mistakes 8 out of 10 times. With the consultancy of an online career counselor you will be guided on the correct career path to embark on. Tell A Buddy app gives you access to professional career counsellors who will answer your what, where, why & how of all your career related questions. You do not have to make any costly mistakes as the online counselling service is available to you right at your fingertips. If you have any questions or doubt regarding any aspect of your career, login on the app and ask your question.


Family dynamics are unavoidable often times as things tend to spiral out of control if they are not dealt with. Family difficulties may range from domestic violence, continuous uncontrollable conflict resulting from unresolved issues within the family, having a family member with a disability which may negatively affect the entire family emotionally and spiritually. You will get immediate professional online counselling regarding your challenges on Tell A Buddy app platform. 


The best investment you could ever make is on you and with the right guidance, you are guaranteed to make a positive change on yourself. Through the words of Mahatma Gandhi, change starts with you. Tell A Buddy platform has a wealth of online services from certified life coaches who will help you on your path to proper self-development. 

Relationship Problems

Relationship challenges are often unavoidable however before they escalate into problems you can avoid that through professional online intervention which is available on the Tell A Buddy online counselling service.

Grief and Bereavement

The loss of a loved is a painful experience and when the grieving spirals out of control, it may often lead to depression or even suicide.  You do not need to go through the grieving process alone or in silence. Through Tell A Buddy app you have access to professional therapists who are available online to assist you anytime from anywhere you are. The therapists will be with you through every step of the grieving process until you are ready to stand on your own and be in control of your life again.

Work/Life Stress

A work/life balance is vital for your wellbeing and a happier life. The workplace often has demanding schedule, working overtime and having less time for yourself and family. No matter how much money you may accumulate through work, if you are not healthy or mentally well, you may not be able to enjoy your hard-earned money. Therefore Tell A Buddy app is here for you in order to help you recover from your situation.