About Us

Tell A Buddy - Online Counselling & Life Management is a convenient, life management, and self-improvement app which provides you with the easiest way to talk to a therapist online. This is a platform which provides you with various online support services such as mental wellness with the use of an application you can access online and or on your phone — a cheaper and more confidential alternative to hiring more counsellors. 


The following are amongst services that are offered through Tell A Buddy - Online Counselling & Life Management online counselling:

Career Counselling

 Family Difficulties

 Self Development

 Relationship Problems

 Grief and bereavement

 Anger Management  

 Work/Life Stress etc.

Reasons why online counselling

Online counselling has been identified as the future of therapy for various reasons


The reasons why online counselling is convenient:

  • You can speak to a therapist online from the comfort of your home or work office, therefore you do not need to make an appointment first.

  • Most people are not comfortable meeting therapist face-to-face therefore online counselling provides the best alternative.

  • Online Counselling services are available to you at your fingertips with 24-hour support.

  • You can opt for instant messaging through Tell A Buddy - Online Counselling & Life Management if you do not prefer a voice call.

  • The online app provides a questionnaire which will assess your mental well-being helping our therapist know what level of wellbeing you are.

  • There are no geographical limitations so anyone from anywhere in South Africa can access the services.

  • There are also no limited sessions therefore you may consult with a professional many times until you are satisfied with your need.